As Dr Seuss says oh the things you will see

Well my freinds this is a crazy and screwed up world we live in . And as i spend my working life as a long haul driver i get to see a side of the world most of you cant see. I see all the citys in North America from the back side. Not the pretty side you see on tv but the real city hiding in the back streets and industrial parks. The true underbelly of the place what i like to call the swub. That means the soft white underbelly. So come along and see our world and the many characters that are hiding in plain site on your highways and roads. my fellow drivers and the supporting staff that keeps them going.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What happened to me?

Well tonight is a Saturday night and I've spent the last two hours staring into the dark and fog on a two lane road. Trying to spot moose and deer before I run into them. And it occurred to me that at one point in my life that a Saturday night used to mean something to me. When did it change? when did I stop looking forward to tonight? I came of age in the 1980's and I can remember getting gussied up and slapping on my Polo cologne and heading out with my army buddies to swoon the ladies. It never worked the night always ended with a bunch of drunks in the White Castle drive thru with an irate cab driver. But youthful optimism always had us out there the next weekend thinking our charms would work this time. So at some point that changed but when? Yes I grew up got married and had children and responsibility's. But what doesn't explain where my youthful optimism went.                                                   

In all reality I cannot dance and never could. But once upon a time I used to be pretty good at the white man overbite. That's dancing in place while pumping your arm while bobbing your head. trust me it was big in the 80s. I wish I could reclaim the love of Saturday night. No not those nights of long ago. No not them. But a love of Saturday now. I could take my wife for a drink and do a little white man overbite. I am sure it will still have the erotic power it had years ago.The only difference is she is married to me so she will have to go home with me. So no more White Castle for me. Maybe its not to late maybe the middle aged man I see in the mirror should stop acting his age. After all we only live once.

Friday, September 23, 2011

American elections

The United States presidential elections are over a year away and already they dominate the news with their belly button gazing. You would think the time money and effort would be better spent fixing the problems that exist today. Not worrying about who will be in the white house in two years. Its like fighting on the bridge of the Titanic about who will be the next captain. Unless you save the ship it doesnt mean anything. So I will get a life jacket and stay by the life boats and hope for the best. But I know we are not going to get it. When politicians are involved you know common sense is not so common.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going Home

The gods are smiling down on me and I will be heading home. Oh yes please send me that way I could use the break!!!!! All work  and no play makes for a real lousy marriage. so within days I should be home and for many days I will be Dad or husband. Not hey Driver. Life is sweet.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good bye you little freaks

Hello fall cooler nights and shorter days. It means the end of the pests of summer.  long live fall! I wish to bid farewell to the flying blood suckers. Cant say you will be missed but you already know I hate you don't you? So as you go into hiding for winter I will put the fly swatter away and enjoy a good nights sleep.

What I did this Summer

As summer draws to a close. I look back at the summer that never was. No time was spent at home. The only part of summer that was really fun was the two weeks I got to take my youngest son on the road with me. That was a real treat, a Cross Canada trip from sea to shining sea and back. We saw the whole kit and caboodle. My little world, about the size of your bathroom. was filled with two men. One a little younger but still bigger than me. I loved the company, though the thing I struggled with was the chaos another person creates in a well organised world. It was as if his suitcase vomited the contents every morning. But for all of that and the noise (who knew teenagers never quit talking) it was the greatest experience of my parental life to date. I got to share my job and time with my son, Something I've never done. We live in a great big country and it seemed smaller traveling with someone. I would do it again in a second and will next summer. But I can say it takes twice as long to put your world back together after they leave as the amount of time you had them. And this notion that they ( teenagers) need to eat. Ha! that's all they do. I feel sympathy towards my wife the overworked Food Lady. Its tough to work all day then feed them too. What do they want? Well it seems everything. Thank you son for spending two glorious weeks with me and all the laughs along the way. The time will always be special to me. And if you know where my stapler is let me know, its still M.I.A