As Dr Seuss says oh the things you will see

Well my freinds this is a crazy and screwed up world we live in . And as i spend my working life as a long haul driver i get to see a side of the world most of you cant see. I see all the citys in North America from the back side. Not the pretty side you see on tv but the real city hiding in the back streets and industrial parks. The true underbelly of the place what i like to call the swub. That means the soft white underbelly. So come along and see our world and the many characters that are hiding in plain site on your highways and roads. my fellow drivers and the supporting staff that keeps them going.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweaty and sunburned in Tucson AZ

Hello friends i escaped winter so i will not complain about the excessive heat. Like i keep hearing its a dry heat. Like that makes it alright. but its not cold and snowing so i will enjoy that. waiting to load down here as usual i am on time but the rest of the world rarely is. time to work on my spring burn so when i get home people will ask if i was on vacation. My sweet pea has been busy like a beaver baking up a storm i sure wish i was there for all of that. Brownies, meringue  and a angel food cake the pics are great but i sure crave a bite of her baking. Well within a month i should be home and then i will eat. Thursday i should load and leave Paradise so until then i will pretend i am on a tropical vacation. bet you wish you where here. Bye for now

Friday, March 25, 2011

Northern California nightmare

Well before you ask how was my day let the sign above answer that for you. It sucked not a little suck like you would do thru a straw. A large deep down in your diaphragm suck like your going deep diving and may not be back for air for a while. Chain up in northern California to drive on wet roads. The brain dead geeks at cal trans can burn in a special place in hell. But that's all behind me now sun and heat await in the Arizona desert. Sunburn city it will feel good to have the sun on my head. Winter can kiss my pasty white ass i have had enough. My sweet pea has been busy creating at home gluten free treats are being created. Cupcakes and brownies and I'm not there as usual. But i get the pics so that's ok. And yes that's cotton candy on top man i want one. well sleep beckons have a great day eh.